Unusual Wedding Ideas

A person looking for unusual wedding scenarios will find all of the best ones listed here on the Un Bride website. While some people prefer a traditional wedding, a growing number of couples are deciding that they would like to have something different for their big day. By looking through the unusual wedding ideas, a couple can find inspiration for their own nuptials and create a one of a kind unusual wedding that will be well remembered by all who attend the ceremony. The concept of unusual weddings should not only be about the ceremony, but should also include all of the little details, such as unusual wedding invitations and a registry complete with non-traditional gifts.

While most wedding invitations are basic white with a fancy script, there are many other options available. A couple will find many different styles on Un Bride that can complement unusual weddings well. With these designs, the couple can come up with their own wedding invitations. Another option would be to hire a graphic designer to create specialty invitations and thank you cards. One idea that is recommended at Un Bride for thank you cards is to simply have a person take pictures of all of the guests. Then, when the wedding is over, the couple can write an individual message and send a personalized thank you card to each person in attendance.

Of course, the main focus of unusual weddings is on the ceremony itself. Some feature costumes or themes, such as pirates or the wild west, but unusual weddings do not have to go to this extreme level. At Un Bride, couples will discover ideas that may not be as radical as having all of the participants dress up as aliens, but will still impart an individual event to the ceremony. One frequently used idea is to exchange unusual wedding rings and there is now a wide range of wedding rings available for both men and women. For the men, some varieties are made of resistant material that will not scar or scuff as easily as gold or silver. While still valuable, they provide a more practical solution to wearing a wedding ring while working.

At the centerpiece of all unusual weddings should be the bride's dress. The traditional style of a long white dress can be slightly altered or completely thrown out the window for a couple that is looking for something very different from the norm. Some women have chosen a hipster wedding dress over the more traditional ones. Buying them from a normal retailer instead of a wedding dress specialty store ensures that they can be used for daily wear after the wedding is over. An unusual wedding can be about themes, but more often it is about the bride and groom being more comfortable with non-traditional elements.

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